Trakitall Empowering the Future of Connectivity

Trakitall: Empowering the Future of Connectivity

A Hong Kong based company, Trakitall Ltd, was founded in 2017 and was born from another successful electronic component distribution business in operation since 2000. The original objective was to design and manufacture innovative and competitive IOT and Telematic products for its existing OEM customer base in Europe.

Smart Offerings

In 2019, the company developed 2 successful products that it sold and is currently selling under its customer brand names. Firstly was a smart baby car seat cushion that senses the presence of an infant in their car seat, this was to combat infant deaths due to be forgotten in a Hot car. The device sounds an alarm on the guardian’s mobile phone or keyring device when they have abandoned an infant in the car. In the Italy, it was made law in 2019 that all drivers had to have an accessory device that gave an alarm when an infant was left unattended in a vehicle. That product sold is in the top 5 sold in 2019 and 2020.  

The other product was a patented Bluetooth car siren alarm device designed to combat the wireless key automobile thief. The automobile theft worldwide is on the increase due to smart wireless key bridging and copying devices which makes car thief technologically easier. The product called Xtra Alarm is an independent Bluetooth device that sets the siren alarm off if a secondary Bluetooth keyring device or the drivers mobile phone is not present when the car door is opened or the vehicle is tampered with in any way. This product is currently selling into Europe and sales will grow to worldwide overthe next few years.

A CoVid 19 Weapon


The current new product, the C9T Bracelet, is the company’s first wearable device which due to the CoVid 19 Virus Pandemic was accelerated over two other wearable devices in development. The C9T bracelet has a patent application in progress. Trakitall has developed this product to be one of the most comprehensive wearable solutions available on the market to combatting the spread of CoVid19 in the work placesuch as offices and factories or in education such as schools and universities etc. The product offers Social Distancing Control, Body Temperature Monitoring, Contact Tracing and Accessed Area recording for full traceability should a user become infected. A C9T Server is accessed via a Web App for all reporting and data analysis enquiries that allow the administrators to take the relative course of action based on the data they retrieve.Currently this product is going through customer trail testing and will be in production end of this summer 2020.  

Aiming at Infant Safety

The other wearable devices Trakitall ltd have developed will be available to market from October 2020 and both devices are aimed at infant safety. The first is a device for new-born babies to 2 year olds, to aid in the reduction of cot deaths due to suffocation. Thousands of infants die every year and the wearable device Trakitall has developed allows the infants heartbeat, body temperature, oxygen in blood levels to be monitored constantly. An alarm is raised when one of these parament safety levels has been breached. In addition, the device has a movement sensor inside to alert parents or guardians that the infant is awake and moving, also there is an audio feature that allows parents to listen in. This product will bring peace of mind to parents of the new born and is designed to act as a pre alarm aid that allows an early intervention when there is a potential risk. The aim is ultimately to save the lives of infants who die unnecessarily each year. A similar product will later be developed for the use with the aged using GSM & GPS technology allowing additional features like emergency call, fall down alert, Geo Fencing, Tracking and the monitored health data of ECG, Heartbeat, Oxygen level in blood and body temperatures to be sent to medical staff or other family members for monitoring.

The second device is a safety device for anti-drowning, as there are thousands of infant deaths caused by drowning every year. This wearable device gives the parents or guardians an alert when their infants have entered the water or a swimming pool and then an alarm rings if the infant is submersed in water. In addition, the infants heat rate and oxygen levels are also monitored and using an algorithm which combined with the water sensing, danger SOS alarms are sent to standalone sounder devices or to the parent’s or guardian’s Mobile phone.

Trakitall product concepts are created in Hong Kong along with its product hardware designs, but the software Mobile Phone Applications are developed in Europe. Whilst currently all products are manufactured in Mainland China, and some production is planned to be transferred to eastern Europe by the end of this year.

Saving Lives across the World

The company’s future objective is to focus on the design, development and manufacture of IOT products competitively that will using technology principally save lives across the world.

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