Tools for Brokers: Top-Notch B2B Forex Technology Provider

Tools for Brokers: Top-Notch B2B Forex Technology Provider

It all started when Alexey Kutsenko, the Founder and CEO of Tools For Brokers, was working as a programmer, and later as Operations Director, for a trading company when he realized that there was collective exasperation shared by all Forex brokers, but to which nobody was able to offer a solution. Soon after, Alexey left his employer and started building his own company, which has now grown into an international business employing more than 75 people across 5 offices.

Developing Top-Notch Software

TFB has been in the market for over a decade now and have accumulated an enriching and vast experience. Throughout the years the company has worked with hundreds of brokers of different sizes and business models, which has helped it to gain invaluable knowledge. The company applies this knowledge to all of its products. On top of that, it hires the best specialists and implements all required processes required to develop top-notch software.

TFB has a set of products that every brokerage company needs. Its Trade Processor, a multi-platform and multi-liquidity bridge engine, is paired with its Brokerage Business Intelligence (BBI) data and risk management solution. Secondly, its TFB PAMM, an advanced asset management system, stimulates the activity of both investors and managers and thus increases the investments and traded volumes. It also offers various plugins, including its White Label service and custom development for clients with special requirements.

An Individual Approach

Running a company is not always easy, and the company has occasionally had difficulties along the way. As any young and fast-growing company has experienced, the company has faced the typical challenges of rapid growth, how to seamlessly expand and train its team, optimise its processes, and preserve the same high-end level of service. The quality of its software is an absolute priority for TFB, so it proactively ensures that it doesn’t compromise on it no matter what.  

When TFB was started 10 years ago, the market was still young, with fewer regulations and standards. The company opines that today, governments in most countries have caught up. With more rules and laws in place, companies have adapted their products and policies, ultimately improving overall clients’ experience and industry well-being as a whole.

Rather than looking at competition and their weaknesses, TFB focuses on its own products. The company is of belief that its clients choose it because of its individual approach. The company works closely with every of its client and listen to their needs and try to implement their wishes in its software wherever possible. It’s also worth pointing out that its consulting team is made up of a group of technical experts not only in its products, but in the industry as a whole. The company feels proud to mention that its tech specialists are among the most knowledgeable professionals in the B2B Forex market. Taking that into consideration, the company also offers consulting services to its clients that might not directly involve its product set.  

Employee-Centric Work Culture

The team at TFB consists of young and energetic professionals, who are always on the lookout for new, innovative solutions. The employees at the company treat each other with respect and share a company-wide willingness to help. Even though its team is spread across multiple countries, and some of its employees work from home, the company manages to maintain team spirit so that nobody feels left out. This work culture of the company reflects what it is today

It’s important to TFB that its employers and employees enjoy what they’re doing and have passion for their roles. That way every employee continues to work on their skills and knowledge, and helps everyone else to improve as well. The company encourages everyone to share ideas and is open for suggestions from everybody in the company. Overall, it strives to never stop improving its processes. The company opines that it is this approach that helps company continuously work hard and bring disruptive products to the market.

The company firmly believes that its work ethics, customer service, quality standards and passion about its job make it a reliable partner who knows what their customers want and is pleasant and easy to work with. 

Awards & Recognitions

TFB ‘s work is admired globally. Recently, the company was voted as Best Connectivity Partner 2020 by Global Forex Award. It was also recognized as Best automated performance tool by Finance Magnates in 2018, Best Technology Provider in 2017 by AtoZ Forex Awards and Best Technology Provider in 2016 by China Forex Expo Award. 

Envisions becoming One-Stop Shop

Tools for Brokers has previously focused largely on custom development. Over the last couple of years, the company has worked on creating its flagship products, which include its liquidity bridge Trade Processor, its data and risk management solution Brokerage Business Intelligence, and its smart money management platform TFB PAMM. Its current focus is on further enhancing the main three products by optimising performance and expanding functionality.

The global goal for TFB is to become a one-stop-shop for brokers: a service provider that covers all the business needs of a brokerage company with a selection of products and professional technical consulting. The relationships that company has built with its clients are partnerships, so it is not only selling the software to them, but also helping them to get better and expand. The company will continue to grow and improve its ecosystem, while adding services and continuing to provide full support for its clients.  It’s safe to say that TFB is already actively present on the global market and will be looking at expanding its market shares even further.

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