Tools for Brokers adds Trade Processor Capabilities to BBI

Tools for Brokers adds Trade Processor Capabilities to BBI

Tools for Brokers announced the latest innovative update to its Brokerage Business Intelligence (BBI) platform.

In this latest iteration, the firm’s web-based reporting and risk management tool has been integrated with its Trade Processor liquidity bridging system in a move designed to further improve the precision of brokers’ trading statistics.

Users of BBI can now view more details on all their trades and traders via a simple web UI, as well as enjoying additional reporting functionality. This includes the ability to filter deals by execution type (A Book or B Book), providing them with the most specific and precise data possible for any given time interval. Furthermore, an automated “volume of transaction” report allows brokers to view the distribution of transactions by execution and financial instrument type for a specified period. In addition, BBI now offers the automation of more important regulatory reports: MiFID II RTS 28, QST-CIF and QST-CIF for CySec.

Commenting on the latest updates, Alexey Kutsenko, CEO of Tools for Brokers says, “Combining the analytics and reporting capabilities of BBI with the real-time trading information provided by Trade Processor greatly improves the – already considerable – efficiency and effectiveness of both platforms.”

“The integration of the two means that brokers can deliver an even more innovative and valuable service to their clients, supported by quick, accurate and fully compliant reporting.”

Available for both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, BBI is available on a subscription. Using BBI in conjunction with Trader Processor will allow brokers to take advantage of the new features, and ensure each of their reports contains full analysis of all the maximum data available from the bridge.

Now, the latest version of BBI, integrated with Trade Processor, offers automation of the following regulatory reports:

  • Monthly prevention statement (CySec)
  • Statement of eligible funds (CySec)
  • MiFID II RTS 28 – Annual Best Execution Disclosure
  • Quarterly statistics (Sections D(1), D(2), E, F for QST-CIF for CySec)
  • Volume of transactions (VOT-CIF for CySec)

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