The Desire Company Raises $8 Million to Support Retailer Demand

The Desire Company Raises $8 Million To Support Retailer Demand

ATLANTA- The Desire Company, the trailblazing content media platform with authentic video reviews, how-to’s, and classes from leading professionals, announced an $8 million Series A backed by private investment firms Valor Equity Partners and Cleveland Avenue, LLC. The Desire Company — co-founded by husband-and-wife duo, Eric and Judith Sheinkop — is changing the traditional shopping experience by creating the gold standard for reviews using credible, expert advice instead of influencers for a more trustworthy shopping experience. The funding will be used to support the lineup of brand and retailer partnerships, and opening a new studio in Chicago, Illinois to increase production capabilities in order to meet the growing demand from consumers and partners. 

In a world where influencers are paid to promote products that they may or may not care about, and fake reviews are littering the marketplace, as warned by the FTC in their recent announcement, The Desire Company is helping consumers make better-informed purchase decisions by only leveraging expert wisdom from professionals who care deeply about their craft. With a total of $14 million raised since its start and a $78 million valuation, the company is focused on providing high-quality video reviews from professionals in every industry using their recommended products. From NFL athletes and celebrity fitness trainers to licensed wellness experts, make-up artists, stylists, and dancers, The Desire Company has a growing library of 4,000+ expert videos, helping shoppers make more informed purchase decisions. 

 “When the FTC is defining the problem you’re solving, you know you’re onto something big,” said Eric Sheinkop, co-founder and CEO of The Desire Company. “You can’t automate authenticity. That’s why The Desire Company is pleased to partner with clients who understand the importance of what we offer to customers and the value of our experts’ honest recommendations for products they genuinely use and love.” 

With Chicago roots throughout the company from the founders to investors, the new studio location will help The Desire Company deliver scale at a rapid speed to meet retailer demands, as well as continue to grow their roster of industry experts that ensures consumers receive the most honest, accurate, and helpful product recommendations. 

“The Desire Company’s expert-led reviews build consumer trust in product reviews, which is growing in importance as the number of ‘fake reviews’ continues to increase. Eric and Judith bring deep expertise in media and advertising, and we believe there is strong potential for The Desire Company to create significant disruption in the retail landscape,” says Jon Shulkin, Fund Manager at Valor Siren Ventures Co-President at Valor Equity Partners.

The Desire Company blends the best of in-store and eCommerce by bringing human connection back into the consumer experience. Credible direct-to-purchase product content provides expert third-party validation in-store when consumers are browsing the aisles and online, helping shoppers see how a product looks, feels, smells, and functions. 

“We want to thank our brand partners for trusting us and our expert pros,” adds Sheinkop. “Since none of our videos are scripted the way traditional influencer campaigns are, our model is new and we really appreciate that they’re on board with our no-nonsense mission.” 

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