Tools For Brokers Adds New Automation Features And Reports To TFB PAMM

Tools For Brokers Adds New Automation Features and Reports to TFB PAMM

London – International forex technology company, Tools For Brokers, announced the latest iteration of its Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM), a multi-component system that allows brokers to increase trading volume by attracting experienced traders and investors. Among the top new functionality are Request System, Snapshot Statements, and new commissions.

The latest edition includes both major and minor updates, feature enhancements, and improvements. Request system is a single portal for admins to perform their daily activities and process such requests as new accounts registration, connection and disconnection of investors, withdrawals, and money manager fee amendments. The new system automates and simplifies some of the key processes, helping admins save time.

To help Brokers comply with regulatory requirements, TFB PAMM will generate snapshot statements on equity, open orders, and balance of all investors and money managers. This data can be automatically sent to the broker on a predefined schedule and further used in reports for regulators.

TFB PAMM is also introducing new Per lot/per deal and annual management commissions for admins to apply to investors. Commenting on the launch, Albina Zhdanova, COO of Tools for Brokers, said: “PAMM platforms are all about helping investors grow their funds without learning about the nuances of the financial world. Each investor is different, so it is essential to maintain a personal approach. That’s why we introduced the new Personal investor commissions, which add flexibility and enable brokers to treat each client differently.”

Albina Zhdanova continued: “We believe that a good brokerage solution not only provides top service for the partners and clients but also helps Brokers keep up with regulations. So another feature that is included in the latest TFB PAMM edition is Snapshot statements. It is a report that aggregates the data that can then be used for reporting. Brokers can configure it to be issued by email on a regular basis.”

About Tools for Brokers

Founded in 2010, Tools For Brokers provides a full set of technology solutions and services for MT4/MT5 to cover all the technical needs of any brokerage company – from basic plugins and applications to complex Bridging, Money Management and Reports solutions for MT4 and MT5.

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