Sensor Innovations Driving Future of Aerospace and Defense

Sensors Create Opportunities for Communication, Healthcare, Safety, Warfare, and Design in the A&D Sector

NEW YORK, The aerospace, and defense industry is influenced today by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).IIoT is built with sensors, providing enhanced device and application connectivity.

Although robotics, Big Data analytics, and predictive analytics play a big role in the aerospace and defense space, sensors are the game changers. Data generated from all the innovative sensor technologies are combined to give rise to novel enhancements in the aerospace and defense sector – be it commercial and/or the research held in universities.

Sensor innovations allow remote, real-time sensing and monitoring along with more detailed detection of information and improved processes in the aerospace and defense sector.

•Exchanging information and integrating real-time monitoring via digitization and sensor proliferation.
•Distributing the accurate information and resources at the right time based on deep awareness gained through the data collected.
Safety is a key area which will determine the efficiency and usage level of sensors in aerospace and defense. Also, the rising need for sensors that exhibit reliability and resilience under extreme environmental conditions will be a key driving factor for the development of rugged sensors in defense and aerospace.

MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems), NEMS (nano-electromechanical systems), biosensors, drones, robots, and 3D sensing are key areas of research in sensors for aerospace and defense. Stress sensors, proximity sensors, radar sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and imaging sensors are few of major innovations in the sensors sector which will be beneficial to the build efficient systems such as safety systems.

Also, adopting the IoT (Internet of things) and Big Data will allow creating a sensor network which will have a great impact on the operation of critical systems in aerospace and defense.
Smart sensors are a key to the future of aerospace and defense with the emergence of IoT. Also, the adoption of flexible sensors, wireless sensors, and sensor fusion will be high going forward.
By leveraging sensor technologies in the aerospace and defense sector, companies obtain numerous boundless opportunities for the growth of smart, efficient, and effective analysis of data generated and enhanced precision in the aerospace and defense sector.

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