Dicky Ying - Co-founder - Mezzofy - The All-in-One Platform for Digital Coupons

Mezzofy – The All-in-One Platform for Digital Coupons

In this day and age, where consumers are more often than not conscious about the pricing of the products they purchase online, digital coupons come-in as a major boon for both the shoppers and the retailers. It is said that on average a consumer spends around two hours every single week to find and identify the best shopping deals and discounts to save money on shopping. Aside from the price factor, digital coupons help gain or attract the customer’s attention.

The concept of coupons dates back to 1887, when Coca Cola had decided to offer different coupons for a free glass of coke. Years later, it still holds its marketing potential. However, today, the demand for digital-based coupons have surged ahead of print-based coupons, and it is slated to continue its rise in the near future as well.

One organization that is riding on to this success and further helping expand the industry is Mezzofy. This digital coupon platform is one of the most popular amongst merchants, developers, and marketers owing to the suite of benefits it provides that too at a cheap and effective cost.

Create, Distribute, and Redeem

The term Mezzofy in the Italian language means connection. The company believes its digital coupon platform boasts the ability to connect the merchants with their customers. Mezzofy wishes to provide a comprehensive digital coupon platform for merchants to create, to distribute, and to redeem coupons.

However, at the moment, the biggest challenge according to the company is allowing more people to join them. Dicky Ying, the Co-founder & CEO of the company, mentions the company plans to overcome this challenge, “We are providing a comprehensive Digital Coupon platform for merchants to create, to distribute, to redeem coupons without technical or financial barriers. That means no technical help or upfront cost is required for the merchants. And for the customers, they may even receive and use the coupons without downloading any apps.” Truly a platform that is hard to find anywhere else.

Standing Apart in the Industry

Over the course of the last 4 years, Mezzofy has taken a proactive role in the transformation of the coupon industry. From being a totally paper-based market, it has now almost completely become a digital market.

Mezzofy has become one of the market leaders in Hong Kong and Asia and now wishes to take a leadership role in delivering the efficiencies that blockchain unlocks, combining innovation in point of sale technology, coupon authentication techniques, the near-ubiquitous use of social media and, last but not the least, a considerably more fluid payments and settlements system.

Following are some of the benefits Mezzofy offers:

  • Brand Owners gain access to a much deeper network of consumers.
  • Merchants are benefitted by being able to create unlimited coupon marketing campaigns, at a lower cost, with no need for technical help.
  • Developers are benefitted by being able to access a ready coupon tool that can be easily integrated with other solutions.
  • Marketers are benefitted by being able to open up new channels for Merchants to embark on various coupon campaigns.
  • Consumers get access to thousands of deals by receiving the coupons and do not need to download any apps.

“As and when all stakeholders can gain benefits from our platform, we can stand out and compete in the business world,” mentions Mr. Ying.

Achievements that Echoes Success

Since Incepting in 2014, Mezzofy has earned a number of achievements and accolades to its name, primarily in Hong Kong and even worldwide. Mezzofy was recently awarded the “Smart App of the Year” in the 2018 Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong; the “Most Innovative Digital Coupon Platform” in Hong Kong’s Most Outstanding Business Awards 2018; Mezzofy has also been awarded “Local Brand Hong Kong Awards,” which was organized by the Hong Kong Local Brand Association. 2018 also saw the company receive the Corporate Excellence Award by Corporate Vision Magazine in London; The 20 Most Admired Companies of 2018 Sponsored by Mirror Review Magazine in India, and the Best 50 Companies to Work for in 2018 Sponsored by Silicon Review Magazine in the US.

Mezzofy - Digital Coupon Platform

“We create unprecedented solutions to the world and shall earn unprecedented success from the world. Our staff is excited to get what they deserve in the near future.”

Mezzofy is the strategic partner of GS1 Hong Kong. With GS1 already dominating the product barcode, the company is working with them and trying to do the same thing for digital coupons and create a global digital coupon standard on a global platform.

“We will develop a global coupon platform with a global standard so that merchants in the whole world can enjoy our service at the lowest possible cost and consumers in the whole world can share/ exchange/ receive/ use their digital coupons freely without barrier,” concludes Mr. Ying.

The Band of Leaders

Dicky Ying, Co-Founder / CEO, is responsible for the overall development of the company and has over 20 years of management experience across various industries.

Eric Pang, Co-Founder / CPO, designs and manages in product development with 20 years of project and product design experience and business process optimization.

Kris R, Co-Founder / CTO, leads the research and development team with over 20 years of development experience in the various software platforms and programming languages.

Maverick Tan, Co-Founder / COO, manages and leads the operations team. He has over 20 years of operational experience in supporting and managing a large user base.

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