Let There Be Light: Lit Lamp’s Kickstarter Reveals Innovative New Use Of Led Strip Technology And The Future Of Functional Light Art

NEW YORK, – Lit Lamp announced today that it would be launching on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter, with prices starting at $95. The Lit Lamp’s intriguing use of a hidden LED strip and seemingly magical touch technology with a marker means that users can create unique “light patterns” on a US Letter paper-size clear glass frame.

“Lit Lamp is designed to appeal to a childlike fascination for magic. I wanted to create a lamp that is unique to each and every user,” said Tenzin Mochoe, the Brooklyn-based designer behind Lit Lamp.

“Lit Lamp is a canvas on which you can draw anything and turn it into a lamp: touch the glass screen with the marker, and light particles will radiate out. You can write using light, doodle patterns, and even trace images onto Lit Lamps. Anything is possible – and thanks to the LED technology and erasable marker, it feels like magic that you can repeat.”

The dimmable 12V LED strip hidden away in the frame of the Lit Lamp provides a warm light temperature of 27,000K while providing an incredible 400-plus Lumens of brightness, which is the equivalent of a standard 25W incandescent light bulb. Lit Lamp ships with a liquid chalk marker that is used to create the art, much like using a marker on a coloring book.

The Lit Lamp’s universal appeal has already created a stir in the small business world with its unique lighting feature that makes it a clear customer curio – the ideal display for announcements and logos. In addition to this, fans are clamoring to purchase their own Lit Lamp to give their apartment a special glow, and as gifts with a personal touch for friends and family.

LED technology is more commonly known for its remarkable efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and long-lasting power, compared to its incandescent counterparts. Now, design projects such as the Lit Lamp and Vantot are using this developing technology to create functional lighting solutions that give users a unique sensory experience at the same time, as the video below displays.

“The reaction so far from people has been incredible,” notes Mochoe. “People are amazed – almost mesmerized – that a simple touch can create a light show on what seems to be nothing more than glass. More importantly, it’s fun, and provides endless lighting possibilities.”

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