David Mansilla, CEO and Founder at ISU Corp

ISU Corp – Helping Clients Achieve Profit Milestones with Exceptional Custom Software Solutions

Success does not come overnight. It requires a tremendous amount of hard work complimented with immense dedication, sincerity and passion. And, Everyone can dream to become bigger and better, but only a handful of people can turn those dreams into reality. One such leader who turned rocks into milestones is David Mansilla, CEO and Founder at ISU Corp, a high-end software consulting firm.

Founded in 2005, headquartered in Ontario, Canada, ISU Corp is an achiever of multiple awards including Business Excellence for Private Businesses (Excellence Canada), EY Entrepreneur of the Year Nomination (Ernst and Young), Top 30 Great Places to Work (CIO Bulletin), and Most Influential CEO of the Year (Xplorex IT).

Let hear the story of David Mansilla and learn how he built this admirable company right from scratch.

From Inception to Admiration

With time comes maturity, and with maturity comes wisdom. David started his career as a Software Developer in 1995. For ten years since then, he explored the industry and dedicated himself to learning every bit of it. His hard work helped him climb up the career ladder and soon he reached the management level of VP of Software Development for multiple multinational companies. While serving the corporate world for years, he earned experience and knowledge about many things that the corporate world could offer.

Since he became incredibly experienced in the industry, he soon realized that it was hard to find exceptional development talent while also finding people with the right values. He noticed that every two years, he would grow himself out of his own job. This sparked the desire to start his own company, where he could find his own team and add value to companies as an independent entrepreneur. That is when ISU Corp was born in May 2005.

Paving a Path Over the Potholes

While talking about the major challenges he faced on his way to building this innovative company, David said to The Technology Era, “One of the major challenges we faced was striking the perfect balance in terms of team members and clients. We had to adapt around the projects we took on. Often, it proved to be difficult to find talented developers as quickly as possible.”

With time, the company began to grow and its search for the right people started reducing when people with appropriate skillsets started joining the organization, contributing to its growth.

Overcoming the challenges, this high-end software consulting firm now serves the industry with the only purpose of increasing its client’s profits with exceptional custom software solutions. David adds, “Our latest edition to our services is our DevOps team. We now have highly skilled DevOps engineers that are offering tremendous help to our clients by managing their entire environment. From development, to testing, to production, we are building automation among all the environments, and we are able to keep a high level of stability in each one.”

The company has recently introduced an Artificial Intelligence team, along with a cryptocurrency (Blockchain) team. Side-by-side, ISU Corp is working with a start-up company to be one of the first e-commerce applications to have Blockchain technology at the core of its operations.

Ensuring Client Satisfaction to Achieve their Goals

“As for client satisfaction, the reason why we exist is to increase profits for our clients,” says David. The CEO further shares the philosophy behind this and says, “When we see a prospect, or someone approaches to do work with us, we undergo an analysis to ensure that our new client can really benefit from our services. Because of this, we don’t take every client we get.” The expert team at ISU Corp carefully selects the partners with whom they work with, as their prime motto is to help clients make money. David adds, “If we feel we won’t be able to make them revenue, we discuss it and suggest a different partner so they receive what they are looking for.”

Among all other competitors in the race, ISU Corp stands out because its main focus is on the relationship that is cultivated with each of its clients. It starts internally, within the company culture. “We consider ISU Corp to be a family, and our team members are there for one another and foster good relationships between themselves. This, in turn, extends to the way we approach our relationship with clients,” adds David. The company emphasizes on the humanness that is needed in a client relationship. ISU Corp offers a personal experience instead of the cold business approach many other IT companies might adopt.

Building Communities and Fostering Positive Employees

ISU Corp believes in creating a community-oriented environment for its employees. Although there are international borders between teams, every year they strive to meet in one place and have a company party, where members can meet each other and share dinner along with some interesting talks. There is a strong sense of camaraderie between each team member, creating a company that feels more like family. This is a cornerstone of what ISU Corp strives to achieve. Moreover, to enable employees to enjoy the benefits of flexible work, ISU Corp offers remote work opportunities. They can pick up their kids after regular school hours and go out as needed, as long as they are connected when they need to be and complete their hours and tasks.

A big focus in ISU Corp is on the personal fulfillment of its team members. The leader adds, “We follow the motto ‘Gratitude, Growth, and Contribution’. ISU Corp fosters an environment where people are practicing gratitude, are under constant growth, and contributing to the world.” David constantly motivates the team of ISU Corp to maintain a healthy work-life balance and may be that is what is catalyzing the growth of the company. “We’re happy to be in a position right now where we’ve built a very strong foundation for us to build our future on,” says David. With an aim to grow exponentially, ISU Corp is paving the path towards the bright future ahead.

“ISU Corp fosters an environment where people are practicing gratitude, are under constant growth, and contributing to the world.”

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