How AI is Changing the Business Landscape

A vast majority of people still align artificial intelligence with sci-fi dystopias. However, truth be told, that characterization of this disruptive technology is waning down as the concept develops and strengthens its foothold in our daily lives.

AI is no longer a future phenomenon that holds the potential of disrupting businesses. It is already here. Many business owners and management staff have already started to take advantage of its ongoing advancements to bring success to their business. Waiting for the technology to boom and spread in the business world would make one stay behind the cut-throat competition of modern times. It is increasingly becoming evident that AI can help businesses with nearly every aspect, including advertising and marketing, security, mobility, and customer service. A look into its widespread prevalence would give us a broad idea about how AI is changing the business landscape, for the better.

Targeted Marketing and Advertising

In recent years, AI has majorly changed the way in which customers receive any advertising and marketing information. The social media landscape is there for anyone to see and understand how important a role AI plays in marketing. For instance, if a customer is searching a business on Google, the world’s biggest search engine, then subsequently ads of that particular business might appear on the social media feeds of the customer. This automated form of advertising is due to the capability of AI in identifying the past search history of an individual and using the same for targeted forms of advertising. It is even vital for businesses who are selling services and products as the technology can bring forward customers to the business through past search histories and targeted advertising. AI accumulates key data online and points out ways in which businesses can increase their traffic and reach for both online and offline stores.

Better Customer Service and Support

Although the prediction of various doomsayers concerning how robotics will erase all our jobs in the world is far-fetched, to say the least, one cannot deny the potential of robots and advanced computer programming automating a host of complex human tasks. Businesses that use phone systems with artificial intelligence voice have the capability of providing customers with a particular service and can help solve their queries without even talking to a human. This way, the customers can be assured of their concerns being addressed in a timely and precise manner. Additionally, it enables employees to lay focus on other complex problems that require human intervention. Robotics in the workplace can help solve repetitive tasks to be completed with the help of computers or robots, while the more complex and unpredictable tasks can be completed by humans.

Enhanced level of Cyber Security

When combined with cloud technology, AI helps to manage and increase the security level of a company on a massive scale. The technology is able to detect any potential threats online or within servers and can subsequently notify or warn the tech and security personnel even before the breach has occurred or while it is happening. This area of AI is increasingly attracting eyeballs due to the increasing prevalence of cyber threats. Hackers today not only boast the capability to cost organizations millions by losing vital information, but it also can lead to mistrust from the customers as the hackers can also reveal their personal information. Businesses are smart enough to notice this trend and are increasingly integrating AI technology to aid in filling up the gaps in their security.

Consolidate Business Fields

AI aids businesses by consolidating their business operations. There are various other ways in which businesses can be integrated and it is with the use of AI combined with cloud-based technology. With AI and cloud, information and files of business organizations do not have to be kept in different places. Instead, the files and information can be kept safely in the cloud. This way, not only does it make it easy for multiple people to access and view the file, but there is also no searching for files at the last moment and freakout due to a file gone missing. Additionally, the daily processes of business can be streamlined. With fewer employees performing the same job, it leaves the individuals in the office to specialize, focus, and work in a particular area of the business.

Increasing Efficiency and Productivity

The increasing integration and use of AI by companies from different industries is an indication of how AI has improved the efficiency level and the rate at which business tasks are performed. The role of AI within a business is to bring forward automation to a number of tasks performed by human labor. In the 1990s, a vast majority of people were being employed to enter data into a computer from invoices that the company had to pay. Following this, an employee ran a check writing program, wherein they would check run once or twice a week to pay the invoices that the firm had owed to someone else. Another set of employees would then take hold of the checks that the company had received from others and enter the same data manually into a ledger program. Lastly, the employees took the checks to the bank to encash the same. With AI, a computer can easily generate invoices on its own from the data received from the business with no input. The payment can be even made electronically and both sides of the ledger can be posted for the employee to view and access it. The whole step would take minimal time and ensure optimal efficiency with AI. Unlike humans, AI needs no break from being exhausted and do not take holidays even during Christmas, making it possible for businesses to continuously generate data, retrieve information, and analyze the same for the employees to look at it and act accordingly when they are available.

Enhanced Mobility

In addition to all the mentioned points above, AI also enables employees to work in other locations aside from the office and remain still in contact with the office system. For instance, with AI, employees can share documents, marketing, financial work, and other information on the cloud. With enhanced mobility, the employees of the company can be on any location, work from home or from different locations, yet the entire team would be able to contact one another for collaboration or solving doubts. Research has proven that employees who are given the opportunity to work from different locations or rather anywhere, they are much happier and showcase increasing productivity.

The concept and the fast-paced emergence of AI into a business can be a tad bit scary, especially when a business has a problem in giving up control of all their processes to an advanced computer. However, with little work and flexibility, businesses can use and leverage the potential the technology holds. AI can handle, simplify, and automate a number of business process, from customer service calls to marketing, to even closing down on a sale. AI is no longer a side player for businesses, it has become a critical part of how businesses run. It is the difference-maker that is helping small and large businesses stand out from their competition.

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