Health Care Industry Smarter Times Ahead

Health Care Industry Smarter Times Ahead

Growing reliance on technology is making health care smarter. It’s not just a buzz, it’s the reality. And the market is eager to tap on every possibility.

It is always better to stay safe than worry. And if you know the future, then prevention becomes easier. Smart wearable devices in the health care sector are just doing that. They are predicting upcoming physiological changes and forecasting with near-perfect accuracy, garnering accolades from all quarters in the process. Not just for providing data about health and simplifying healing process, but these gadgets do look cool and their sleek designs have made them a hit with the commoners. The gadgets are like straight out of a Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster. But they are also indicative of where the health care sector is heading. Smart tech route for the sector has become the choicest preference and as Zion Market Research is predicting in GlobeNewswire, the smart health care product market is all set to reach USD 66.7 billion by 2024.

What Says the Hospitals?

It is always better to keep an eye for the golden hour that is the precious time that clinicians need to get optimum results while treating a patient. Smart devices are making the process of diagnosis simpler; by notifying about the diseased or injured body part in almost no time and also relaying other associated problems of the patient, these devices are buying time for doctors.

It is not just the treatment that ensures a patient’s safety but post-operative or pre-operative state and the healing time are also necessary. Effectiveness increases with efficiency and round-the-clock monitoring. That is where smart devices trump manual monitoring. These devices can bring in data and with the help of IoT can store it safely for future references. What hospitals do treasure is the service that they provide to their patients. Not just saving lives but taking good care of these patients is a priority. It is something that can break or make a foundation. Integration of smart devices is a smart move that most of them are making to stay ahead of the rest and provide state-of-the-art facilities to their patients. A 2016, Spok Survey suggests that there is a hike 34% since2012 as 63% of various organizations are now willing to pivot around smart technologies and are making necessary changes for that.

Devices such as Zephyr’s Anywhere Biopatch or The Abilify MyCite have been approved by FDA that would enable hospitals in monitoring their patients better. The first one can be attached to the chest which will then relay minute-by-minute updates to the concerned authority about patient’s health. The second is a sensor that can be used in pills to check whether the patient has taken his or her pills in time or not. The sensor id digestible and would not cause trouble to the patient’s health.


Across the globe, doctors are also preferring smart devices as it is assisting them with quality services. Be it from taking round-the-clock news of their patients or getting quick access to previous records, smart techs have upped the game. Specialized apps are now available giving doctors access to diagnostic tests of patients and allowing storage facility of data. What’s big is mobile is fast becoming the workstation for doctors. It has also improved communication between patient and doctors or doctors and nurses, easing the process of taking effective measures at the right time.

Patient’s with cardiac issues, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic diseases require guidance all the time. Smart devices can monitor all the time and send feedback to doctors as per requirements. Timely actions triggered by such devices can always save lives. Technologies such as Kardia app by AliveCor allows patients to record electrocardiogram using KardiaMobile device and the algorithms would tell the patient if the uneasiness is caused by atrial fibrillation.

Staying a Step Ahead

Led by urbanization all over the world, we are now more comfortable in a sedentary lifestyle and busy schedule, where eating right food is taking a backseat. However, little changes can help us stay healthy and a bit of assistance from these smart technologies.

Say, for example, something like a Vessyl Cup. This may look like an ordinary mug, but it is not that simple. It has a special feature that can help you in checking your dietary needs. Pour any kind of liquid in it and it can tell you its content such as sugar, caffeine, fat, protein, calories, and all. You can then synchronize it with your smartphone and keep a track of what you are having. TellSpec is also a device that can check your food content and warn you of the presence of anything allergic in the food. If you know well the content, you can also manage your diet plan accordingly. But a quick health checkup can always do wonders. And Cue is revolutionizing that sector. It is a little laboratory in its own accord that you can place anywhere in your house. Just a tiny amount of blood, saliva or nasal swab would do good. It can read your testosterone level, inflammation, Vitamin D requirement, and fertility status within minutes to give you a heads up.

A product like Scanadu Scout is perfect to make you aware of your health state. It is first-of-its-kind medical tricorder that you can use pretty easily. It has a scanner and a built-in microphone that allows you to track your vital signs such as skin & core body temperature, SpO2 oximetry (Oxygen saturation), blood pressure, respiratory rate, heart rate, ECG and emotional stress. Wello iPhone case can also do the same. You just have to press your finger on the case for a few seconds and it can deliver data regarding your stress level, heart rate, oxygen level, blood pressure, respiration, temperature, and others.

Sometimes it is not just that require motivation or extra care to stay healthy. It can be the environment in which we are living in as well. Our ecosystem has a profound influence on us and setting the perfect one for a healthy us is of utmost importance. CubeSensors is well-equipped to serve that purpose. By identifying air quality, light, glow, temperature, humidity, noise, shake and pressure, it allows one to breathe fresh and sleep better.

But when you are away from home, things are not in your hand. How to check things then is a pertinent question. Peres comes up with a nice solution where it can help you identify meat products. If you sync it with your phone it will show you how hygienic and fresh is the meat.

The revolution that is happening now in health care can change the way we are going to perceive our future. And it is just the beginning. More such integration would ensure better performance and enhanced care.

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