GreenPro Capital: Capitalizing Value in the New Financial Era

GreenPro Capital: Capitalizing Value in the New Financial Era

With the advent of digitalization and internet, the way of working, communicating, and transacting has been transformed. From the perspective of environment, digital technology has brought paperless approach in order to maintain environmental sustainability.  Besides that, going paperless is not only been proving beneficial for environment, it is also enabling businesses streamline processes, minimize costs, eliminate manual work, improve customer and employee experiences, increase overall revenue, etc. The inspiration behind the inception of GreenPro Capital was same.

The “leaf” in the logo of the company represents its concept of “clean your office, clean the earth”. In order to go paperless, it has developed cloud systems covering cloud record management, cloud accounting, cloud outsourcing, cloud FinTech, cloud business management solutions, etc.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, GreenPro Capital Group (NASDAQ: GRNQ) is a US Nasdaq listed multinational financial services company. With more than 30 years of experience in the finance industry, the company has accumulated a significant number of global professional certificates and strategic offices across the Asia Pacific region, which includes Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Shenzhen. The company together with its subsidiaries and related companies possess11 regulated financial licenses in Hong Kong, Philippines and Cayman Islands

Exemplary Leaders

GreenPro Capital was founded by Mr. CK Lee and Mr. Gilbert Loke, both Malaysia Chinese and professionally qualified accountants in United Kingdom and Hong Kong. CK founded Gilbert, through the Accounting & Business magazine in which Gilbert was being interviewed, in February 2012. CK took all his initiatives to contact Gilbert to explore their partnership. They eventually combined their accounting practices and started to develop their corporate advisory services in addition to their accounting practices. CK has been involved in accounting for over 20 years while Gilbert started his accounting career since 1981 with over 40 years of experience.

Then they started to incorporate GreenPro in July 2013 and listed the company on the OTC Markets in January 2015. Subsequent to the listing, they continue to obtain other financial licenses for money lending, trustee services, asset management, insurance brokerage, property agency, venture capital and also a registered mutual fund business. Subsequently, Greenpro Capital was successfully graduated to Nasdaq Capital Market in June 2018.

Greenpro continues to develop and grow from a financial services group into a multinational conglomerate with incubation under Greenpro Venture Capital Limited, with investment into technology, fintech, health and wellness, banking, Crypto exchange to provide security tokenization solution for STO issuers, Crypto investment bank, fine art for alternative investment such as art tokenization, robotic technology, LED display manufacturing, licensed equity crowd funding in Malaysia, and businesses that Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment, Social and Governance oriented, and with the goals of floating the business on one of the reputable stock exchanges in the world.

Diversified Offerings

GreenPro started as a small accounting firm a decade ago and managed to transform itself into the full range of financial services covering 5 major areas in New Finance such as Corporate Advisory, Wealth Management, Incubation and Fin-Tech.

Over the years, Greenpro Capital has provided family office services comprising wealth creation, wealth protection and maximization, and wealth succession. Wealth creation include company formation and secretarial, accounting, audit arrangement, tax planning and compliance, cross border listing services, business valuation, market development, internal control, and venture capital investment. Its wealth protection and maximization include trust set up and administration services, fund management, asset management, financial planning and management, and private banking management. Besides, its wealth succession covers its trustee service and trust asset administration.

Globalizing Values

GreenPro’s mission is to “globalize your values globally” which can be in many forms such as human value, social value, environmental value, business value, ethical value, family value, etc. The company is developing and creating a “Peoples’ Platform”, called Global Leaders Corporation, with its new partner, Mr. Peter Yip, to develop an eco-system of people where the aforesaid values will be deployed. The company will comprise of talents, investors, entrepreneurs, employers, employees, professionals, consumers and families who are members of the company. With all these the company aims to unleash the potentials of the people and enable them to have jobs to take care of their families while enjoying the networking of members within the organisation to generate values together.

The company envisions building a sustainable organisation with offices around the globe, and having its own corporate building to strengthen its corporate brand and image, create and build trust, confidence and values together.

Hurdles in the Middle

In order to serve its regional wide clients more comprehensively and sufficiently, GreenPro is proud to have nurtured a group of passionate talents working delicately for its clients and having a diversified service portfolios to cater to their needs.

Greenpro has been growing all the while, especially after its graduation to the Nasdaq exchange. Whereas, due to the pandemic situation, the biggest challenges that Greenpro Capital is encountering is bringing in talents who share its vision and help build the company into reputable and successful conglomerate within the ASEAN Regions, and talents with the capabilities to strengthen the position and brand name of Greenpro Capital Group.

Leveraging Technology to Stay Ahead

Today, GreenPro Capital is moving into another technological change from centralization into decentralization, from 4G into 5G, from traditional computing into blockchain technology, from traditional video/media into virtual reality, and so on. The company has already ventured into business technology covering Cloud AI Accounting, Blockchain and Security Tokens with its Crypto exchange, Crypto Investment Bank, e-Wallets, e-Lending, Cloud Record Management and sharing, and Virtual Reality Fine Art with its potential art tokenization and real estate tokenization. Taking this into consideration, the company believes that it has emerged as one of the top FinTech companies supported by various regulated financial licenses and supported by the technologies to bring more values for its clients, investors as well as its talents within its organisation. This is how GreenPro is leading the competition.

Beside all these, with the coming 5G and the Blockchain technologies, Greenpro will leverage them to enhance its business operations, develop more Fintech products and services to meet the needs of its clients and solve the pain points encountered by them. Technologies covering security token offers for real estates, securities, commodities such as gold, art, and any other assets which are illiquid, the company can help to liquidate them for its customers by way of fractionizing their assets for smaller investors with the opportunities to invest in it. The company opines that without such tokenization technology and its Crypto exchange, it is becomes difficult for clients with heavy asset like real estate or work of arts to securitise or tokenize the asset to obtain funding to develop their projects. By investing in various businesses, such as First Bullion, Pantiap, Millennium Sapphire Fine Art Inc., with FinTech technologies, GreenPro is able to develop trust solutions, Crypto IB, CryptoSx, VR Fine Art, etc., to bring more valuable financial services for its clients. Taking the mission of capitalizing value and maximizing wealth globally into consideration, The Technology Era recognizes GreenPro Capital as one of the “Hong Kong’s Most Successful Forex Trading Platform”.

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