Butch Baird, Founder and CEO, Fingernails2Go

Fingernails2Go: Changing the Face of Nail Art Fashion

Nail art is hugely popular, but it takes highly skilled nail technicians and a significant time to apply. Also, the quality and complexity of the designs can vary widely based on the technician’s experience. By combining technology and beauty, Fingernails2Go is offering customers a truly unique and personalized nail art experience.

Let’s take a look at what led to the inception of Fingernails2Go.

How it all Started?

The brain behind Fingernails2Go is Mr. Butch Baird. He founded Fingernails2Go with a strong mission to bring nail art services to businesses around the globe who, due to the skills and cost gap associated with employing a full time nail artist, previously would have been unable to.

Following a visit to a nail salon by his partner which took over an hour and a half, Mr. Baird got to thinking that surely with today’s technology, a faster, more detailed and advanced solution should be available to traditional nail art application methods.

After listening to feedback from salons, he with his team developed their Freestanding Kiosk and their Countertop nail art printer, a small form factor unit using leveraged HP technology, perfect for the beauty industry.

An Absolute Brilliant Offering

With the development of Fingernails2Go app, available now on the Play and App Stores, users can choose their own designs, even snapping images of their favorite patterns, some graffiti, or even their friends and have them printed onto their nails.

Through the company’s partnership with its manufacturers HP and Newvision, Fingernails2Go is able to offer state of the art products for the beauty industry. Using thermal inkjet printers specifically designed to print onto the curve of a nail, along with custom, cosmetically compliant inks, and fully patented safety features, customers know they can rely on Fingernails2Go’s products.

A Visionary Leader

Past owner of the largest restaurant chain in Northern Ireland, and having brought washroom vending to the island of Ireland, Mr. Baird has several decades of experience as an entrepreneur, building businesses from the ground up. His objective for Fingernails2Go is to build a globally recognised brand in the fastest growing section of the retail cosmetic industry.

The drive to develop the Fingernails2Go product line came to Mr. Baird when he was recovering from a serious injury to his back. His determination saw him not only walk again, but also to get his idea in front of HP, one of the largest companies in the world. Next was Newvision, a Portuguese company that manufactures hi-tech kiosks for airports, supermarkets and many more. Today, the Fingernails2Go printers are off around the world, and will be in multiple locations very shortly, changing the face of nail art fashion forever.

During the Pandemic

As Covid-19 had a drastic impact on individuals as well as business, we asked Mr. Baird how it has been for Fingernails2Go. “The global pandemic has proven a significant business challenge for many businesses, especially in the beauty sector, with locations being one of the first to be asked to close, and last to be able to reopen. As a result, Fingernails2Go spent 2020 refining and preparing its manufacturing processes to be prepared to meet demand upon reopening. But, 2021 has seen a significant increase in enquiries and interest from around the world and we are really excited to see where 2022 will take us.”

What does the Future Hold?

Fingernails2Go’s vision is to see nail salons, hair salons, brow bars, retailers and more embracing and joining the nail art revolution. The company sees itself as a market leader in the nail art space.

With expansion plans for the USA and EU markets heating up, it expects to be offering a round of equity crowdfunding in Q4 2021 to generate the funds to help catapult Fingernails2Go’s products  into being a recognised brand name in the beauty space.

What Partners Have to Say?

“I have always been a keen investor in innovative ideas and products, and I believe that Fingernails2Go’s products offer a fantastic opportunity, not only for distributors, but for salon owners and customers as well. The demand and levels of interest in the product have been incredible, and I’m thrilled to see what the next 24 months will bring.” – Talal Addas, MENA Distributor “When I first heard about the product, I was most excited about how good a fit this is for so many businesses in the states. I have 20 years experience working with some of the biggest brands in beauty and the level of interest I’ve received in a very short period of time has been phenomenal, and I just know the next 12 months are going to be something else.” – Laverne Tschappat, US Distribution Lead

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