Erwin Foo Yong Jio, CEO and Founder of ENOVAX PTE LTD, Making a Breakthrough in with One-Stop IT Solutions

ENOVAX – Making a Breakthrough in with One-Stop IT Solutions

Some wise man once said, “Dream big, follow your passion, work hard and dedicate yourself to achieve the aim of your life.” Inspired by this, Erwin Foo Yong Jio, set up his revolutionizing firm ENOVAX PTE Ltd, an innovative multi-platform IT-solution providing company, a member of PUC BERHAD, a listed company in Malaysia. With an extensive portfolio of offerings behind its back, ENOVAX serves some of the major global technology firms of the world including Deloitte, Hitachi, Fuji Xerox and Abacus.

In the mid of 2017, ENOVAX was acquired by PUC Berhad, but it still operates largely out of Singapore although its innovation and technology contributions now focus primarily on PUC’s products, namely PRESTO and 11street.

Erwin’s poverty-stricken background could not stop his dreams to grow or his ambition to build a multi-billion dollar firm. As mentioned by The Sunday Times, a Singapore Newspaper on an article published in November 2015, “Poverty and a family tragedy spurred Mr. Erwin Foo to make the most of his opportunities.” Growing up in a less privileged family, Erwin, CEO at ENOVAX PTE LTD, harbored a deep aspiration to make a good living and that motivated him to build the company just after graduating from National Taiwan University with a Bachelors’ Degree in Computer Science and Information Engineering and some years of vital industry and commercial experience.

The Inception Story

Starting from Erwin’s study room, Enovax now operates in a full-fledged office of 5,000 sq. ft. with a staff strength of over 30 professionals boasting expertise in IT, Management, and Financial sectors. But the humble entrepreneur Erwin mentions, “I don’t want to be the richest, but I want to help industries transform. I want to find a group of people to do things that we all could be proud of. I don’t want to wake up at 50 to find that I have done nothing.”

Today, ENOVAX’s capabilities maintains a reputation as a “one-stop” customized IT solutions and inter-driven services that have earned the industry’s recognition and respect for the company’s brand name. Its commitment and dedication in ensuring that its business model is relevant to the changing market trends and lifestyle changes in Singapore also demonstrates its emphasis on service and product innovation.

In 2017, when an opportunity arose, Mr. Erwin Foo decided to make ENOVAX a member of PUC BERHAD, a Malaysian ACE-Market listed company with diverse business interests. This development is in line with ENOVAX’s long-term strategy to consolidate its position as a leading IT-driven company serving mega local and international clients. As part of this enlarged PUC entity, the company aims to increase its customer outreach and develop more innovative business acceleration solutions to propel its clients’ market potential. Currently, ENOVAX also aims to contribute to the greater success of PUC Group by developing and owning more proprietary PUC’s intellectual properties (IP) to accelerate the Group’s growth and spreading its regional and international footprints.

Apart from adding value to PUC Berhad from the immediate acquisition of ENOVAX’s expertise and domain knowledge, PUC Berhad is able to quickly tap a ready pool of vital human resources and expertise to expedite its expansion plans for its technology business which is expected to contribute positively to the revenue and earnings of the PUC Berhad Group.

The vast domain knowledge and industry experience of Erwin is leading the company to create major milestones on its journey. Since its inception in February 2010, ENOVAX has earned various awards and attained industry’s recognition and accolades for its continuous innovation and excellence in service. In 2016, the company won the highly prestigious “SINGAPORE PRESTIGE BRAND AWARD (SPBA)” for the most promising brand category. In 2017, ENOVAX was honored once again at the Singapore Business Review (SBR) National Business Awards with the National Business “IT Services” Award.

Standing Ahead of the Competitive Race

“Now, under the PUC BERHAD’s umbrella, we are more dynamic, innovative and forward-looking,” claims Erwin. The company has scaled many new heights and marked new milestones. It is now more aggressive in its involvement in providing the technology support in strengthening the PRESTO brand. He further explains, “At ENOVAX, we have steadily beefed up our own in-house team of IT experts so as to stay ahead of competitors and meet exacting demands of the rapidly growing sophistication of the global IT landscape, particularly the e-payment industry.”

To further capitalize on the growing e-payment market, ENOVAX has developed its own Intellectual property (IP) for PUC Berhad. While working with technology partners, it now offers state-of-the-art IT business solutions that are standard-compliant to ensure that the e-commerce needs stay relevant tomorrow and in the future. The company headquarter boasts a strong team of IT professionals and support staff with proven experience and exposure, which collectively constitutes the strong backbone of the company.

While understanding the nature of the fast-paced I.T. business solutions industry, and other than possessing the necessary background and experiences, ENOVAX strongly believes that it will be able to realize the company’s aspirations, where they will be more than able to grow professionally as well as extend its customer outreach.

Enovax-Erwin Foo Yong Jio

Life at ENOVAX

While talking about the company and its life, Erwin mentions, “As a people-oriented company, ENOVAX’s unique strength lies with our people. We view them as our vital resource and asset. They are the very soul and heartbeat of the entire company.” ENOVAX proudly employs the best in the industry to help its customers experience best-in-class services.

ENOVAX operates strictly on the guiding principles of integrity and professionalism, with the aim of scaling new milestones in digitizing and accelerating enterprise growth. The company states, “Our mission is to make I.T. easy for the business fraternity, developing “one-stop” customized IT solutions and web-driven services via seamless applications for ticketing, CRM, BPMS and Business Intelligence.”

The Mission Ahead

Going forward, ENOVAX will surely stay true to its commitment to its core competency; value proposition, management best practices, efficiency, innovation and company differentiation. This is clearly evident when ENOVAX (under Mr. Erwin Foo’s leadership) developed the “Quick Tix” system for Golden Village (the first such system launched in Singapore) to allow fast cinema admission for movie-goers where patrons only need to present their tickets with the QR code or digital tickets on their mobile phone/i-pad at the Quick Tix podium to validate their tickets.

Another impressive project was the development of NEXIA TS’s Practice Management System (PMS), a comprehensive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to streamline business processes. This ensures proper operational efficiency and increases company productivity, including consolidation of all key KPI of the performance of staff and individual department.

From the Leader’s Desk

During a recent conversation, the leading Malaysian entrepreneur and Founder of ENOVAX Erwin Foo Yong Jio said to “We are overwhelmed by your Editorial Board’s confidence is profiling ENOVAX as an inspiring success business story to motivate other readers and entrepreneurs.”

Moving ahead, Erwin discusses his plans to develop products that would further bring revolution into the technological sphere. He shared the company’s future plans and talked about the launch of their new product PRESTO E-WALLET, which Enovax developed for its parent company, PUC Berhad.

With a mission to be a leading professionally managed I.T. business solutions player in the market, by continually making technological breakthroughs, posting key milestones and satisfying client expectations, coupled with a continuous management and staff upgrading, ENOVAX aims to expand and grow, both in size and market depth and reach in its area of specialization. Adding a conclusion note, Erwin asserted, “We are positioning for the long term, with their clients’ success in mind.”

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