DolCas Biotech to Launch Organic Olive Tree Ingredient in US

DolCas Biotech to Launch Organic Olive Tree Ingredient in US

DolCas Biotech and Atlas Olive Oils collaborate on a sustainable new whole-olive extract

LANDING, New Jersey, – DolCas Biotech, LLC, has partnered with Casablanca, Morocco-based olive oil manufacturer Atlas Olive Oils to become sole US distributor and trade-name holder for TruOliv™, an organic, kosher and halal-certified extract of true olive fruits and leaves, with scientific support for its benefits to human health.

Published studies illustrate TruOliv’s salutary effects on everything from joint health and inflammatory response to cardio-metabolic support, blood sugar regulation and antioxidant and antimicrobial activity. With actives standardized to 10 percent Hydroxytyrosol and 17 percent oleuropein, on a background of measurable levels of other polyphenols, including tyrosol and olecanthal, its polyphenolic composition expresses the unique potency of the whole olive fruit -including the skin, flesh and pit, as well as mature and juvenile olive leaves.

Herbalists and traditional medical practitioners have long exploited the leaves and fruits of the olive tree for their health benefits—but they’ve often exploited them independently of each other. “Part of the novelty of TruOliv,” explains Shavon Jackson-Michel, director of medical and scientific affairs at DolCas Biotech, “lies in the coexistence of these components in one dietary supplement.”

The team at Atlas, a family-owned and –operated olive mill that creates value-added olive products for wellness and culinary use, stumbled upon TruOliv when it noticed that the first harvest of a newly acquired olive grove yielded an unusually bitter extra virgin olive oil. That bitterness, Atlas later learned, reflects the polyphenolic spectrum that makes TruOliv so powerful a functional ingredient.

“This oil, bearing it long-held qualification for purity and palatability, was definitely different,” notes Othmane Aquallal, Managing Director at Altas. “Upon further investigation, it was deemed to have the highest polyphenol content, which was later linked to the unique terrain of these new olive tree groves.”

Namely, the trees that produce TruOliv not only survive in the unlikely terrain of a hot and inhospitably rocky desert; they actively thrive thanks to the secondary metabolites that the environmental pressure forces them to produce. “And it’s those secondary metabolites, in relationship with one another, that give TruOliv its power,” Jackson-Michel says.

Along with its wellness credentials, TruOliv boasts an impressive sustainability and production record. It is a patent-pending composition, whose solvent-free, low temperature, mechanical extraction process preserves its biological activity. No bioenhancers, excipients or adjuvants are involved in making this 100-percent olive tree ingredient.

It took the expertise of multiple generations of Atlas oil extractors, plus the unique terrain of the company’s groves, to produce this revolutionary ingredient. And now, DolCas can take pride in offering it to Americans. “In an intensely competitive market, we’ve already strategically and successfully positioned two blockbuster botanicals: the whole-turmeric-derived curcumin-essential oils brand BCM-95®, and the diverse-spectrum, naturally-enriched boswellic acid complex BosPure®,” say Jackson-Michel. “Knowing that polyphenols positively influence the inflammation and oxidative stress at the root of many modern-day diseases, we look forward to offering US consumers TruOliv as a means of addressing those concerns.”

KG Rao, president of DolCas Biotech, is also excited to move forward. “By following the same recipe of promoting and supporting clinically-validated, safe and effective ingredients,” he says, “we believe that our partnership with Atlas will allow TruOliv to touch as many lives as our other ingredients have.”

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