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Cloud Computing Service Provider, Comport, Shares the Benefits of Using the Cloud for Your Business

RAMSEY, N.J., – In order to help businesses leverage technology to protect data and improve efficiency, Comport, one of New England’s top BaaS providers, shares the benefits of using the cloud for your business.

Organizations of all sizes often have a significant amount of data that accumulates over the years. From customer information to corporate data files crucial to keeping the company running smoothly, digital data has become an integral part of the modern business ecosystem. The technology for day to day business has also become significantly more expensive, because of this, keeping an entire company outfitted with efficient technology can quickly become prohibitively expensive.

As technology becomes more advanced, cloud computing services have become a valuable option for keeping a company’s workflow organized and their data protected. Below are just a few reasons why using the cloud may be the right move for your business.

Disaster Recovery And Security. Many business owners feel that having all their information stored securely on site is the best way to keep important data safe, but physical storage is actually much more vulnerable in the case of a potential disaster. There are a wide number of situations in which on-site storage could leave the business vulnerable, ranging from simple user error to damage to the servers themselves through a natural disaster like a fire or flood. Storage in the cloud is easily recoverable should something go wrong – making it much less of a headache to recuperate from a catastrophic loss of data.

Cloud Providers also have access to better, more security technology. A competent service provider has invested in highly-protected servers that are resistant to hacking attempts as they are continually patched and updated. Finally, cloud providers have a team of experts that can respond quickly should something go wrong. The combination of both physical and cyber security safeguarding against potential online threats make cloud services a clear choice for even the cautious corporation.

Cost Savings. When looking into the costs of cloud services, it may seem at first that it’s a more expensive option that will hurt the company’s bottom line. However, what many businesses fail to take into account are the costs of maintaining traditional storage. Servers are expensive and continual updates pull your IT Team from innovative projects for manual tasks. Cloud computing services can take over your infrastructure costs, manage maintenance tasks and get your team back to tackling business issues. When business leadership takes a look at the hard and soft costs that can be eliminated and replaced by a single cloud service payment, they’ll likely find that they come out far ahead.

Improved Mobility and Usability. On-site servers are tied to a specific location and are very inflexible should the company need to move their data management to a different location. Infrastructure as a Service, however, allows you to access your data wherever you need to, making it easier to transfer important information when required. Files are also shareable across the cloud, making collaboration between employees easier than ever before.

Ultimately, the cloud is much more flexible than on-site storage, and makes it easier for businesses to manage data and maximize productivity during day-to-day operations and during outages should they happen.

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