Best AI Software in the Market

Best AI Software in the Market

Artificial Intelligence software are being increasingly used by a vast pool of people as a part of business programming in order to computerize the procedures. An AI-based platform includes deep learning and machine-based calculations to robotize or automate business tasks. These automated tasks help save considerable amount of time and energy and encourage the employees to lay focus on the more complex areas of the business. A business intelligence software acts as an enhancement tool to make the work of the employees less demanding. Integrating AI software can be a catalyst for your company operations. We have compiled a list of some of the best AI software available in the market and done a deep review of the same to help you choose among the same in accordance to your needs and requirements. Before that, it’s important to understand the different types of AI software.

4 Types of AI Software

Chatbots: This software offers the effect that a human is doing the conversation with a client or potential customer.

Deep learning software: This software includes features like image recognition, speech recognition, and others.

Artificial Intelligence platforms: This is a platform for developing an app from the very scratch. A number of built-in algorithms are installed in the same. Add to this, the drag and drop facility makes it easier to use.

Machine Learning software: This software technology enables the computer to learn and gain insights through data.

Best AI Software

Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine: This is a cloud-based predictive analytics modeling platform for any size of data. The application comes equipped with a framework that helps to power various services of Google like Google Cloud Speech and Google Photos. The software enables developers to create a model and scale as per the need. It also allows an integration with Google Cloud Dataflow, thereby enabling users to view and retrieve information from various different data storage sources. It is available both in a free-to-use edition and a paid edition.

IBM Watson: This software is powered by the latest innovations that surrounds the machine learning landscape. IBM Watson aids you to learn more with fewer data. With the help of this software one can easily integrate AI into some of their most critical business processes. The rich industry expertise of IBM further helps in boosting the credibility of the software. One can build models from the scratch or even leverage its APIS and pre-trained business solutions with IBM Watson. Irrespective of how you use the software, the data and insights strictly belong to only you.

Salesforce Einstein: The software is built-into the Salesforce platform and is an AI-based application for sales data processing. It helps in delivering predictions as well as recommendations based on the requirement of your unique business process and client data. The suggestions or recommendations provided by the application is duly tailored in accordance to the unique needs of a business. One can use the insights provided by the application to make your employees more productive, automate responses and actions, and enabling higher client satisfaction.

Azure Machine Learning Studio: This is an interactive programming tool that is used for predictive analytics. This professional tool enables users to use its drag-and-drop feature to move objects on the interfaces and create models. Azure offers AI services, tools, and infrastructure that are extremely easy to use and scale. Add to this, the platform also provides resources and certifications for developers who are spending time and effort in building intelligent solutions.

Playment: This is a fully-managed data labeling platform that helps generate training data at a scale for computer vision models. The platform empowers organizations in field of Drones, Autonomous Vehicle, Mapping, and others with high precision annotation services. No matter how so complex it may be, Playment helps companies and research institutions to lay their focus on the core development areas.

Infosys Nia: This is an AI-based platform that helps curate and aggregates organization data from processes, humans, and legacy systems into its self-learning knowledge depository. Following this, it automates the repetitive processes of business and IT. This way, it ensures individuals to be free enough to focus on solving higher-value customer issues that require much more passion, creativity, and imagination. Clients use Infosys Nia in order to generate in-depth insights, leverage organization knowledge, and help discover new opportunities to simplify, optimize, and automate the complex processes of business.

Nvidia Deep Learning Ai: This software comprises a suite of products that are dedicated to machine intelligence and deep learning. The software enables governments and industries to power their decisions with predictive and smart analytics to offer customers with enhanced services. With the help of Nvidia Deep Learning AI, companies are able to attain a high rate of success and can even protect themselves from any frauds or other finance-related risks.

TensorFlow: This is an open source software library for machine learning operations. It is used for high performance math-based computations. The software boasts a highly flexible architecture, which ensures easy deployment of computation across a number of platforms like GPUs, CPUs, and TPUs. The software is developed by the Google Brain team and was originally developed to be used internally in Google. However, now it is an open source software that offers regular updates and hosts a number of key uses.

H2O Driverless AI: This is a machine learning automation platform that has a sole aim of creating and training machine learning models without the need for expert level knowledge and proficiency from the users. The platform is created keeping the corporate users in mind that want to calibrate various parameters, prepare data, and define the primal algorithms for dealing with industry-specific issues to ML.

Wipro Holmes: This platform is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence and offers various cognitive services so as to improve and accelerate business processes with automation. With the help of this platform, companies are able to discover new solutions to their distinctive problems, thereby enabling them to thrive in the forthcoming years.

Artificial Intelligence software are used by organizations in order to automate their business processes and enable improve productivity of employees. However, there a vast array of artificial intelligence software available in the market, making it hard to choose among the same. However, this list of applications are some of the finest that the market has to offer and is backed by a number of key experts and reviewers to help you with you make an effective decision.

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