Basis Technologies - Changing the Way Companies Run SAP

Basis Technologies: Changing the Way Companies Run SAP

Integrated applications like SAP were conceived with the idea that software could free value locked within businesses because of things like functional silos and manual processes. However, many SAP systems quickly became extremely complex and hard to manage. As the global adoption of SAP grew, so did the need for automation technology that would help organizations reap the benefits and meet the challenges that come with this business-critical software. The digital potential of integrated IT systems was in itself constrained by the limitations of manual effort, resource availability, and human error. Taking this dilemma into consideration, Basis Technologies was set out to provide automation solutions that could unlock that potential.

Basis Technologies develops automation technology that massively reduces the time and effort needed to execute SAP change and testing. The company is committed to driving business agility and transformation. For companies adopting agile development, DevOps and continuous delivery, its automation platform has become a must-have.

Unlocking the Potential of SAP

Basis Technologies was originally established in Melbourne, Australia, in 1997 and has been headquartered in London, UK, since 2003. For more than two decades, the company has helped enterprises become more agile, innovative, and competitive. Its platform is SAP Certified for use on both S/4HANA and ECC systems and many of the world’s leading companies trust its subscription software to help them succeed in the digital age.

Basis Technologies is led by Martin Metcalf, the Chief Executive Officer of the company. “Everything we do unlocks potential. We believe that companies should have the freedom to change,” says Metcalf. “This principle should apply as much to enterprise applications as to any other part of the business. We are committed to helping our customers extract the maximum possible value from SAP to create a competitive advantage.” Basis Technologies does this by providing automation software that allows continuous delivery to thrive in SAP environments, creating desired business outcomes. Through the relentless pursuit of this vision, the company has become the trusted leader in automated SAP DevOps & Testing solutions.

Integrated Offerings

Basis Technologies has developed a range of automation solutions, with the common factor that they are specifically engineered for use with SAP software (SAP is the world’s largest provider of Enterprise Application Software, counting 92% of the Forbes Global 2000 as clients). Basis Technologies’ automated DevOps and testing platform consist of two core products, ActiveControl – technology that gives companies the flexibility to deliver high-quality change on demand, without risk of business disruption – and Testimony – the first Robotic Test Automation (RTA) solution for on-demand regression testing, without scripting or test maintenance.

This automated DevOps and testing platform allows its customers to compete more effectively, shifting more quickly to market demands and delivering innovation with confidence as soon as it’s ready. This has enabled organizations to achieve a range of tangible business benefits such as the ability to reduce the cost of SAP change by more than half, automate 95 percent of manual tasks, and deliver innovation 50x faster than with manual methods.

A key shift enabled by the company’s products is the ability to align and integrate SAP delivery with other IT systems so that change can be delivered to the business more quickly. One major telecom provider it works with now automatically delivers fully-integrated deployments across 15 IT systems, including SAP, deploying thousands of SAP changes across a two-week period. This is just one example where Basis Technologies has changed the way customers run their SAP systems.

In addition, DevOps automation can provide numerous less tangible benefits such as greater cross-team collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas, and an increase in team morale as individuals gain the space to work on more interesting, value-add tasks.

Market Leader in the Space

Automation has been in the company’s DNA since day one. One of its earliest products, Transport Express, was designed to massively reduce the cost and risk of delivering change into SAP systems by employing automation to make the process faster, safer and more transparent. Transport Express is still at the heart of the platform, albeit in a massively enhanced form known today as ActiveControl, alongside its newer testing product, Testimony.

Like any other software vendor, leveraging the opportunities provided by new technology and keeping pace with changing trends and expectations in the IT world are among the company’s biggest strategic goals.  Because of this, the company has enhanced its product line-up to support modern software development methodologies and the digital transformation of business. Basis Technologies now offers the only complete, automated DevOps and testing platform engineered specifically for SAP systems, and is widely considered to be the market leader in this space.

Testimony, a Game-Changing Approach

In terms of technology, the introduction of Testimony was definitely hugely significant for Basis Technologies. Not only because it’s the company’s first testing product, but also because it’s a game-changing new approach – Robotic Test Automation (RTA). With RTA, the organization came at the problem of SAP regression testing from a totally new technical angle, as well as a conceptual one. The technology it uses can capture real system behavior from production servers – rather than client machines – which provides far greater test coverage at a much deeper technical level. Critically, it removes the need to create and maintain test scripts. RTA is an exciting technology because it solves the challenges of traditional testing methods and accelerates innovation without business disruption.

An Industry Veteran

CEO Martin Metcalf joined Basis Technologies in 2013 to help evolve the organization into a world-class software business and establish global market leadership in automated DevOps and testing for SAP. Martin brings over 30 years of leadership experience garnered at a variety of firms in the IT sector, including UK AIM-listed software businesses and at SAP, where he held the position of Regional Managing Director for the UK, Nordics, and Africa.

Customer-Centric Approach

In order to stay ahead of the curve, Basis Technologies constantly delivers new features but more than that, and regularly introduces new products but more than that, its technology drives new ways of working in SAP through things like DevOps and Robotic Test Automation.

Basis Technologies has a team of technical experts who are highly skilled and extremely experienced. This ultimately means that it not only has the means to deliver innovation but also has the background to understand customer pain points within extremely complex SAP landscapes and workflows.

Its consistent 96 percent renewal rate really does speak for itself, but it’s a testament to the effort the company dedicates to relationships and support as well as the development of products and technical features.

Driving Business Agility and Transformation

With the intent to bring transformation, Basis Technologies is continually working hard to build even more functionality into its automation tools that will help companies to make the shift to more efficient, effective development and deployment methods. The company is already seeing a big upswing in conversation about DevOps among the SAP community, and hence, it will continue to spread the word about the benefits it can bring and to maintain its position as providers of the go-to solution for SAP DevOps automation.


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