Augmented Industries with Augmented Reality

Augmented Industries with Augmented Reality

In this era of rapid technological advancements, it is extremely common to see some new and innovative technology rising up the ladder of expectation and hype, only to fall down the dark pit of failure. But then there are some technologies, living up to its potential and going beyond our pre-conceived expectations. Augmented Reality is one such technology that has stood apart from the crowd and gone on to become one of the biggest technological trends globally.

Originally related to two key areas, Gaming and VR, the potential of AR-based applications are being realized recently by other industries as well. One of the key reasons behind its surging rate of popularity is its uncanny ability to showcase real-world situations and simulations of the same. This gives users the ability to experience the thrill that one would enjoy only by physically being there. Owing to features such as this, AR is stated to even exceed the potential reach of VR by the year 2020. Here are some of the key industries that are on the verge of being augmented:

Healthcare Industry

The medical and healthcare industry is deemed to go through a complete overhaul due to the emergence of augmented reality into the sector. AR can dramatically improve the quality of patient care, treatment, and can also enhance the performance level of medical professionals.The potential of AR in the healthcare sector is massive, to say the least.

Retail Industry

Initially, augmented reality entered into the retail world and incepted the concept of catalogs. This offered customers the ability to purchase an item by simply aiming their smartphone device at different items inside a brick and mortar store. Nowadays, retailers are offering customers another amazing AR experience, wherein they are showcasing how the clothes would look on a customer without even having them try them on. Future of shopping is bright indeed!

Education Industry

Education is a requisite in any part of the world, and parents are inclined towards schools and colleges which are using modern technologies to facilitate learning. Adopting to AR technology will help institutions take their students on educational tours, which can enhance their knowledge and encourage increasing engagement. Students can experience historical places and other educational surroundings through this pioneering technology.

There lies numerous benefits of augmented reality and industries are on the lookout for disruptive technologies such as this to steer past their cut-throat competition. Gear yourself for a ride into the augmented world!

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