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There are numerous aspects in the Markets-business world which can make or break an enterprise and certainly, decision making tops that list. In times when a new technology disrupts the market every now and then and the competition has reached beyond the edges, it becomes necessary for a company to add decision-supports to collective-wisdom. The second aspect on the list is risk management. It is quite evident in business that organizations that have a strategy for contingencies are less exposed to risk-aftermath. Both these aspects when amalgamated with technology, can take businesses to another level. There are numerous companies that are using Artificial Intelligence to offer better decision making and risk management solutions. Leading the industry with its cutting-edge solutions, AIALGOS is identified as one of the “Top 10 Disruptive Solution Providers in Artificial Intelligence”.

Founded in 2010, AIALGOS provides decision-supports to markets business. It’s AI Engines help users to ask-answer–action better with market opportunities and the AI is powered by company’s proprietary Heuristic Learning Engine. AIALGOS understands that Markets business throws unique & challenging decision-problems which are beyond academic explanatory frameworks of economics, finance & quant. Therefore deep domain mastery as a practitioner with good road-sense and street smart-reflex is a must have to set-and-chase the object and not the shadow in problem definition & problem solving.

AIALGOS’s purpose of engaging with markets is to exploit price action instead of explaining it. The company believes, Gaussian math and Inductive/Deductive Logic often highjack reason to a different expedition to explain. Hijacked reason produces good explanations of past but poor exploitation of future. Transductive-logic and Heuristic learning critically armor the toolkit for exploitation.  Result – the invention of a proprietary heuristic learning engine to get the better out of risk-taking activities.

AIALGOS’s unique risk-taking OS (RTOS)  covering Risk-Management, Money-Management and Capital Allocation functions & more, synergizes all moving parts into one Domain-Task i.e. better risk-taking.

Redefining Leadership

R Ramesh is the Founder and Director of AIALGOS. He has 18 years  Citi-Markets experience across Rates, Bonds, FX, Equities markets, and roles across Money-Markets, ALM Desk, Investment committees, ALCO and lastly Head , Algorithmic Trading in 2010  before starting AIALGOS. Mr. Ramesh is a commerce graduate, Cost Accountant, and a holder of PGDM from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He has been a visiting faculty for 15+ years at NIBM Pune and has trained 100s of bankers on markets business. Mr. Ramesh has also filed a PCT for invention of heuristic learning engine.

A Comprehensive Index

According to AIALGOS, unlike Investment indices like DOW, NIFTY, Dollar-Index, no risk-taking indices existed in-house or otherwise. So the company built one across strategy, alpha and learning engines. With AI engines- Traders can find better Strategies and also add-Alpha, managers can up-tier capital allocation skills, business heads can challenge revenue / risk efficiency within team and risk managers can challenge the reciprocal with business.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

The company asserts that its AI is a powerful tool for a practitioner/risk-taker to up-tier hard-skill & science in day to day practice-of- risk-taking, be it treasuries of banks or corporates with day to day investment, trading, hedging or market making decisions and actions. However, a few other peer businesses with ambitious claims & Target audience (investors) are missing today because the seller and buyer did not find right-match on understanding the markets or AI or both.

The traders access the infinite space with 0.25 million+ factory settings to better strategy alpha and learning. The solutions are market neutral be it Equities FX, Rates or Commodities, The idiosyncrasies of each markets are in the engines and process to give practitioners a leg up over markets.

Typically, Hedge is Neither a cost-centre nor profit-centre but a responsibility-centre to execute some-cover, some-way, for some-time, blessed by some-policy. Systematic hedging adds well-earned hedge alpha in setting and pursuit of better hedge policies and practices. On the other hand, Portfolio management gets better skills in hard science of capital allocation with learning engines.

Market-Making AI-engine synthesizes real-time Customer behavior, market behavior and Learning to action out on the here-and-now space.  The objective is to keep a hawk’s eye on whether risk-origination is at market all the time and we are actively-protected from rouge price-action. Company’s Flow Prop engines add next level of punch.

An Encouraging Work Space

AIALGOS asserts that its work practice is simple, everyday challenges the best till yesterday. Its work culture supports this practice and is best summed by its team in its own words:

Work culture at AIALGOS is one of the best I have worked in till date, it’s free and fair. It is also encouraging to generate ideas and share them. I joined here only as a developer, but today I found hands on experience in all the fields.

AIALGOS has open work culture where ideas are shared freely, we are agile and most importantly relaxed work environment without much unnecessary pressure, that helps bringing the quality in whatever we do and  also ideate new things.”

Further-more the team has rich field experience in team-management skills for last mile  integration APIs with various non-functional constituents of client like technology, Business Process/Solutions group, Tech -Auditors and External Vendors of clients.

Future Aspirations

AIALGOS started home work in AI nearly 10 years before it became a buzz- word today. Company’s field experience to successfully define-design-deliver AI for markets and unmatched domain expertise gives it a powerful opportunity to address the most demanding & crying-needs of markets business in future.

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