ACY Securities: Delivering a gold standard in online multi-asset trading

ACY Securities: Delivering a Gold Standard in Online Multi-Asset Trading

Getting an edge in trading the global financial markets requires a set of tools and resources including access to fast execution, the latest market news and analysis, and of course the ability to diversify your trading across a range of asset classes. With a mission to arm clients with the technology, knowledge and resources they need to trade with confidence, ACY Securities was founded.

Referred to as half Wall Street and half Silicon Valley, ACY Securities is a tech-inspired multi-asset broker firmly focused on empowering clients with institutional-grade trading conditions, premium education and cut-through market analysis.

Enabling clients to make smarter trading decisions

ACY Securities is one of Australia’s fastest growing multi-asset online trading providers, specialising in the provision of state-of-the-art technology and educational solutions that not only help traders better execute their trading plans but also help them make smarter trading decisions.

With ultra-low cost of trading, no dealing desk and ultra-premium trading conditions, clients of ACY Securities enjoy the freedom of trading the markets the way they like, with the reliability of deep liquidity and peace of mind of ASIC regulation.

The key pillars the company operates on are transparency, client-focus and technology. With a strong track record of putting the client first in everything the company does, ACY Securities is firmly focused on setting a new standard of excellence in multi-asset online trading.

What makes ACY Securities stand out?

  • Superior trading environment

With its raw zeroECN spreads starting from 0.0 pips, ultra-fast execution of orders, liquidity from the world’s biggest banks, Equinix Servers located in New York, London and Tokyo and a no-dealing desk system, there is absolutely no doubt that ACY’s clients enjoy some of the best trading conditions the industry has to offer.   

  • MT5 Xchange – Access to global shares with 1:25 leverage

ACY offers clients access to hundreds of the world’s biggest companies through some of the world’s most prestigious exchanges including NYSE, Nasdaq and the Australian Stock Exchange.  ACY Securities’ MT5 Xchange platform gives traders access to all the major asset classes, with 1:25 leverage on share CFDs, which is amongst the highest in the industry.  

  • Industry-leading account management portal – ACY.Cloud

Created by ACY Securities from the ground up and arguably one of the best client portals in the industry, ACY.Cloud is certainly a big winner whenit comes to offering clients control and convenience in managing their trading accounts.With a user-friendly interface, superior user-experience, a full range of advanced functionalities and an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard, ACY.Cloud is designed to put ACY’s clients in the driver’s seat.

Leading by Example

The management team at ACY Securities, which is made up of highly specialised and experienced industry professionals, is led by Jimmy Ye and Winson Cao, the Directors and Co-founders of the company.  

Jimmy and Winson are young, dynamic and energetic individuals who lead by example through their entrepreneurial spirit and progressive outlook on business. With over 35 years of collective managerial experience, they continue to successfully build systems, implement cutting-edge technologies and lay the foundations that will see the company grow and prosper well into the future.

Staying ahead of the Curve 

Being an innovative tech-focused broker at the forefront of investing in FinTech, ACY believes it can challenge the status quo and deliver a better, more seamless trading experience for clients. Innovation is ingrained in the company’s DNA and it is not afraid to think outside the box to improve client experience across the board.

Secondly, ACY Securities focuses on technology as much as it focuses on the financial markets, and its operational model backs this. The company’s headquarters in Sydney is described as half Wall Street and half Silicon Valley, with a commercial grade TV studio right in the middle so it can pump out timely market updates for traders around the world. 

ACY Securities delivers an exceptional trading environment through ultra-fast execution speed, very low cost of trading, tradeable market analysis, and cut-through education that clients can grow from. All these factors combined provide ACY Securities a competitive edge and a value proposition that is hard to ignore.

The Best Brokers Remain

Since the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) crackdown on the CFD industry, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) plans to follow suit. Such measures could include reducing leverage, for example.

As an ASIC regulated broker, ACY Securities is of the view that any measures introduced to shield traders from excessive risk are a good thing. As long as the measures implemented are fair and balanced in terms of safeguarding clients from risk and protecting their ability to profit from market opportunities, ACY believes such measures can help change the online trading industry for the better. Additionally, tighter regulation will create higher barriers of entry to the Australian financial industry and that would help filter the system so that only the best brokers remain.

A Roadmap to the Future with a Customer-Centric Approach

A multi-asset offering and providing an edge to clients through its trading resources is at the core of ACY’s future. To achieve this goal, the company has been proactively implementing advanced infrastructures and introducing new products to enable its clients to trade instruments from a true multi-asset offering. Its MT5 Xchange share offering with 1:25 leverage is an example of this.

Being an agile and forward-thinking company, ACY’s aim is to create new technologies that provide a seamless trading experience for its clients while arming them with the tools and resources they need to make well informed and smart trading decisions. The company continues to invest in its market analysis infrastructure and build bigger and better teams to provide its clients with cut-through market analysis and all the resources they need at their fingertips.

Its well-structured expansion plans also form a key part of the projected future growth and development. While the company continues to see strong ongoing growth in Asia Pacific and South East Asia, it is also seeing rapid organic growth in the Middle East and European markets, which is a great vote of confidence in its products and services.

Taking into consideration the key features and products offered by ACY Securities, such as institutional-grade trading conditions, premium education, cut-through market analysis, an industry-leading client portal, and a global share CFD offering with 1:25 leverage , it was not a difficult decision for us to unanimously award ACY Securities the “Best Multi-Asset Broker in Australia for 2020”. 

We truly believe that ACY Securities offers a gold standard in multi-asset online trading and is well on its way to becoming one of the most respected and sought-after brokers in the world. 

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